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New Rooftop Units Product Group03/12/2020Eurovent Product Group elects Chairman and Vice-ChairmanEnglishmore
New Calimala Hotel02/11/2020From historic building to contemporary hotelEnglishmore
Excellence in Manufacturing 02/11/2020In MEHITS centres of excellence, production is based on four fundamental cornerstones: safety, sustainability, quality, and lean production.Englishmore
MEHITS obtains UNI EN ISO 45001 certification08/10/2020The new occupational health and safety management system standardEnglishmore
DR-Z07/10/2020New adiabatic dry cooler for IT Cooling Englishmore
Nicosia Mall07/10/2020Comfort and sustainability in a modern shopping centerEnglishmore
Zero local CO2 emissions for Torre Galfa27/01/2020Mitsubishi Electric and Climaveneta branded units for the HVAC systemEnglishmore
WSM227/01/2020Flexibility and efficiency even for small commercial buildingsEnglishmore
MEHITS Forest18/12/2019Wow Nature campaignEnglishmore
The Socially Responsible Hospital in Sudan30/08/2019EMERGENCY’s free-of-charge cardiac surgical centreEnglishmore