New adiabatic dry cooler for IT Cooling


DR-Z is the new range of adiabatic dry coolers designed to increase free cooling. EC fans and oval tube-equipped heat exchangers minimize energy consumption, while the adiabatic system, equipped with recirculation to avoid water waste, takes full advantage of free-cooling in every season of the year.

The DR-Z dry cooler's adiabatic cooling system reduces the temperature of the outdoor air before it passes through the heat exchanger coils, thus increasing yield and efficiency. The warmer and drier the climate, the greater the benefits are. Thanks to this technology, free-cooling becomes the absolute protagonist of the system. The chillers, which can be placed in series or in parallel to DR-Z, will work at a reduced load for most of the year.

DR-Z Adiabatic Dry Coolers can be easily inserted into any type of IT Cooling system. Depending on the specific installation it is possible to plan the installation of one or more units with different logics of redundancy and pairings with chillers: stand-alone, in parallel with air-cooled chillers, in series with air-cooled chillers, or even with water-cooled chillers.

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DR-Z: the new dry cooler
DR-Z: adiabatic system for IT Cooling
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