New full inverter multi-purpose unit with eco-friendly refrigerant


Based on the experience and success of Climaveneta branded INTEGRA multi-purpose units comes the new i-FX-Q2-G05, multi-purpose outdoor unit, capable of producing hot and cold water using two completely independent hydronic circuits. Thanks to the use of full inverter technology, applied to continuous modulating screw compressors and EC fans, the unit guarantees the thermal energy needed for the system. This high­ efficiency translates into reduced energy consumption throughout the year, for any mode of operation and in any external condition.

i-FX-Q2-G05 is the result of a design that focuses on sustainability. Combining the high annual efficiencies achieved through inverter technology with the use of the new R513A eco-friendly refrigerant, the new range presents itself as the best choice for all clients who have an eco-sustainable solution for their projects.  The new R513A refrigerant chosen for i-FX-Q2-G05 boasts a GWP reduction of 56% compared to R134a and is totally non-toxic and non-flammable (Class A1 according to ISO 817).

i-FX-Q2-G05: full inverter tecnology
i-FX-Q2-G05: technological choices
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