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Climaveneta HFO chillers for the new district cooling in Kuopio


Kuopio Energy is an energy services provider, owned by the City of Kuopio, in Finland. Nowadays the district heating in Kuopio covers more than 90% of the city’s heating energy requirement. Because of the climate change warm summers even in Finland are becoming hotter and more humid every year. Keeping this in mind when providing the best internal comfort to its customers, Kuopion Energia invested in a new centralized district cooling to mainly serve large buildings such as the Local Hospital, big offices, and stores.

To reduce the greenhouse effect while ensuring high efficiency values, the first step of the new system has been designed based on 3 Climaveneta branded FOCS2-W HFO H/CA-E/S water cooled screw compressor chillers, for a total cooling capacity of about 5 MW. The version ´CA-E´ is characterized by efficiency beyond the ´Class A´ for Eurovent. The technological choices adopted assure the minimization of operating costs and therefore a quick payback time.

An example of district heating
Lakes in Kuopio region
The city of Kuopio
District cooling: work in progress
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