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Climaveneta units supplied to the Schattdorf facility in Switzerland


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta, has supplied the chillers for Datwyler in Schattdorf, Switzerland. Datwyler offers customer-specific sealing solutions and has over 8,000 employees and 20 globally distributed production locations. The Schattdorf location has an advanced, fully automated production facility that is able to achieve perfectly manufactured parts at the rate of tens of millions per day.

The Datwyler Group is focused on resource-friendly production, in fact, the direct environmental impact associated with Datwyler components is low, and even the environmental impact associated with the disposal of Datwyler components is negligible. Their 2018 Sustainability Report set out ambitious goals for 2020, and they are working to reduce relative consumption of fuel by -6%, electricity by -3%, water by -3%, volume of waste by -3% per revenue unit.

Therefore, when the time came to update their HVAC system in Schattdorf they wanted a system that would provide excellent energy efficiency with low emissions. The solution was a system based on 2 Climaveneta chillers, TECS2 HFO/SL-CA-E 0702, for a total cooling capacity of 1360 kW. The chillers were supplied with a green refrigerant HFO R1234ze, ensuring GWP levels near 0 (compared to GWP values of 1430 for R134a gas) and no toxicity, while continuing to guarantee high energy performance levels.

Datwyler plant in Schattdorf, Switzerland
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