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Euphoria Resort: the definition of Greek well-being


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta, has supplied the HVAC system for the Euphoria Resort. The resort, with over 280 rooms, 3 restaurants, a gym, and various common areas, is located on shores of Kolymbari, 23 km west of Chania, Crete and 30 minutes away from Chania International Airport. Euphoria is a premium all-inclusive family resort provides high-quality infrastructure and hospitality services for its guests, including several dining options, a unique 2 level spa, and water park and mini club for children.

Well-being and comfort are the cornerstones of the Euphoria Resort, therefore “Dramilarakis G. Malliarakis Z. G.P. - RACS” with the assistance of Delta Techniki, distributor of the Climaveneta brand in Greece, had to conduct various studies to ensure perfect comfort in terms of air quality, humidity, and temperature as well as energy efficiency for the HVAC system.

Given the proven experience in supplying air conditioning systems to luxury hotels, a HVAC solution based on Climaveneta units was chosen, specifically, 2 FOCS water source chillers with screw compressors, 2 FOCS-WNR heat pumps with total heat recovery, and 2 EW-HT heat pumps for the production of domestic hot water (up to 75°C). Noise level is a critical factor for water condensed units, which are usually installed indoor, the FOCS units are designed to meet the most stringent noise-emission demands. While the EW-HT makes it possible to have a very high temperature source without a gas burner, or electric heaters, which means no gas network or oversized electric connection are needed. In addition, 6 Climaveneta WIZARD Air Handling Units, with integrated controls, have been supplied to complete the efficient HVAC system of this project.

Euphoria Resort: Climaveneta units
Euphoria Resort: Plant Room
Euphoria Resort: Plant Room
Euphoria Resort: Climaveneta units
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