The solution for the most demanding IT systems




Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents FR-W-Z, the RC branded, new R134a water-cooled chiller for IT Cooling applications. FR-W-Z is designed to efficiently cool the indoor units and work at high temperatures to ensure constant cooling of the most complex structures while limiting the pPue values of the data center.

Carefully designed and with specifically selected components to ensure the maximum reliability, FR-W-Z units are available from 124kW to 399kW with one, or two independent circuits starting from 250kW to offer redundancy. Their compact design and low maintenance costs make the FR-W-Z the perfect solution for reliable cooling of the most demanding IT structures. Given the intensive use expected for these units (24/7) and their constant operation, dedicated functions such as Fast Restart and Double power supply are also provided, able to guarantee the continuous operation of the units under any circumstances.

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FR-W-Z, side view
FR-W-Z: left side
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