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A masterpiece at the service of other masterpieces17/03/2021MEHITS for Santa Caterina Museum in TrevisoEnglishmore
i-FX-N: advantages of the new heat pump17/03/2021i-FX-N combines inverter screw compressors, variable speed fans and new R513A low GWP refrigerant Englishmore
UP Engineering 4.0 facility, Pretoria10/03/2021Flexible and sustainable HVAC system by today’s engineers for tomorrow’s engineersEnglishmore
FR2-Z05/02/2021New generation of RC branded air-cooled chillersEnglishmore
New life for Villa Pamphili05/02/2021Mitsubishi Electric supplies air conditioning units to Italy's first Mövenpick hotelEnglishmore
100th Anniversary 01/02/20211921-2021: 100 years of Mitsubishi ElectricEnglishmore
GIOIA2213/01/2021MEHITS for the most efficient building in ItalyEnglishmore
FX213/01/2021The next generation of air source chillers with screw Englishmore
Christmas Holidays 11/12/2020Season's GreetingsEnglishmore
NX-Q-G0610/12/2020The first multi-purpose unit with green refrigerantEnglishmore