Climate Technologies (P) ltd.

Climaveneta Climate technologies (P) Ltd is Climaveneta’s subsidiary in India. It results from the Joint Venture between Climaveneta S.p.A and TFA Climate Technologies (P) Ltd

It combines the expertise and innovation potential of Climaveneta - a major world player in the heating and air conditioning industry, with the market coverage and the understanding of the peculiar requirements of this area that only a large and experienced local distributor as TFA can ensure.

This fully operational infrastructure enhanced by a dedicated team of skilled service technicians is meant to ensure timely pre and after sales support.

Climaveneta Climate technologies (P) Ltd. provides the India Market with a wide range of high performance product offering, encompassing:

- Advanced centrifugal chillers with inverter driven compressors featuring magnetic levitation technology. The range includes water cooled and air cooled units.

- High precision air conditioning units with inverter driven compressor and fans, High Density Solutions for Data centres, VFD Screw Compressor Chillers.

Climaveneta Climate technologies (P) Ltd
is headquartered in Bangalore

Braches for sales
are located in:
Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai